All employees of the company are obliged to perform the following duties:

to work within the framework of laws and standards,

to fulfill their duties within the framework of ethical rules and humane values,

to be fair, helpful, well-meaning and understanding in all of their actions,

not to obtain unfair profits from persons and organizations in any way for any purpose, not to accept or offer bribes,

not to engage in any conduct, make any statement or correspondence that will force the company into duty,

not to disturb the work atmosphere by disturbing and/or harming other employees,

to take care of all material assets of the company, including information and information systems, and to protect them against possible loss, damage, misuse, theft and sabotage,

to protect the reputation and respectability of employees entrusted with external tasks,

not to discriminate, e.g. on the basis of gender, sexual identity, age and disability.

All employees of the company are obliged to ensure the timely initiation and completion of legal proceedings and to protect intellectual property rights of newly developed products, processes and software.

Knowledge Management

All employees of the company are obliged to:

ensure that all legitimate data and records are retained in the ERP system in accordance with the rules,

not respond to third party requests that fall into the category of "confidential" to the company without management approval, 

diligently perform the necessary work to ensure that statements and reports submitted by the company are accurate.

All employees of the company are obliged to: 

take the necessary measures to protect the company's employees, information and information systems, factories, plants and administrative facilities from possible terror, natural disasters and malicious initiatives,

create the necessary contingency plans for the company´s emergency crisis management,

take all measures to prevent theft or damage to company assets.

It is a legal offense attempt to gain a direct or indirect economic advantage by using confidential information of our company or by disclosing it to third parties.

All employees of the company are obliged to:

act with the awareness that the company's financial and business secrets, information that may weaken the company's competitiveness and the rights of its personnel, as well as agreements with business partners, are subject to confidentiality and that their protection and confidentiality must be ensured.

Information and documents acquired for business purposes shall not be disclosed to unauthorized persons and authorities inside and outside the company and shall not be used directly or indirectly for speculative purposes,

Non-public information about both companies with which cooperation exists and/or with which business is conducted and information about those companies' costumers may only be used for the intended purpose and may not be disclosed to third parties without obtaining the necessary authorizations.

Conflicts of interest are any type of personal benefit or interest of relatives, friends, or individuals or organizations with whom employees have a relationship that may interfere with the employees' impartial performance of duties.

The organization and its representations are open to the general participation of individuals or institutions that have or could have a business relationship. The participation in activities such as conferences, trainings, promotional activities, seminars, domestic/foreign trips, etc., which are or could be considered significant, require the approval of the management