The symflex®  Family

Our entire product range has been merged under the brand name of symflex®.

The selection of the right materials is key to successful projects. At the beginning of each trial period, all requirements must be determined in detail in order to invest time and money as efficiently as possible.
Our symflex® TPE compounds display a range of different properties and performances tailored to a variety of applications. Here you can see an overview of our product series and find a suitable product for your requirements.

Robust TPE with an exceptional compression set

TPE for 2K injection molding

TPE with recycled content

TPE enhancing the impact resistance of polymers

TPE with antimicrobial properties

TPE with anti-static properties

TPE for cable jacketing and insulation

TPE with flame-retardant properties

TPE for medical applications

TPE for automotive and heavy machinery environments

TPE for intricate designs and challenging molds

TPE for clear and brilliant applications

TPE for automotive interior applications

TPE for automotive exterior applications

TPE for blow molding applications

TPE for injection molding applications

TPE for extrusion applications

Durable and adaptable EPDM/PP compounds

TPE converging EPR and PP in an aesthetic way