Symflex High Flow Series

When intricate designs meet challenging molds, the symflex® High Flow Series stands out as the solution of choice. Engineered with an exceptional flow rate, this TPE series elegantly fills even the most complex cavities, ensuring precision and detail in every application.

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Key Features

  • Enhanced Flowability: Superior melt flow rate facilitates easy filling of intricate mold designs and thin-walled parts.
  • Reduced Cycle Times: Faster and more efficient molding due to its exceptional flow characteristics.
  • Dimensional Stability: Ensures consistent shape retention, even in intricate designs, post molding.
  • Excellent Surface Finish: Yields a premium look and feel, capturing even the finest details from the mold.
  • Wider Processing Window: Offers manufacturers flexibility in setting molding parameters without compromising end-product quality.
  • Robust Mechanical Properties: Despite its fluidity, maintains the integral strength and durability expected of top-tier TPEs.
  • Economic Efficiency: Reduces waste and optimizes production speeds, which leads to cost savings in the manufacturing process.

Primary Applications

  • Complex Overmolding: Ideal for parts requiring precise detailing and multi-material integration.
  • Thin-Walled Components: Ensures uniformity and strength even in ultra-thin applications.
  • Precision Medical Devices: Supports the creation of detailed medical components requiring high precision and functionality.
  • Consumer Electronics: Suitable for small and intricate parts such as buttons, connectors and protective covers.
  • Detailed Toy Manufacturing: Captures the nuances of toy designs, ensuring safety and aesthetics.
  • Cosmetic Packaging: Provides the detail and luxury feel demanded in premium cosmetic packaging designs.
  • Intricate Household Items: From detailed kitchen tools to ornate decor items, it ensures design fidelity and durability.

Power of precision

The symflex® High Flow Series is a testament to the power of precision and efficiency converging in harmony. Addressing the complexities of modern molding challenges, this TPE series offers manufacturers a blend of aesthetics and performance that few materials can rival. For those in search of perfection down to the minutest detail, the journey undoubtedly leads to the High Flow Series — where designs aren't just realized; they're elevated.

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