Symflex TPV Series

Venturing into the world of thermoplastic vulcanizates, the symflex® TPV Series encapsulates the fusion of the flexibility of rubber and the processability of plastic. Engineered to offer unparalleled versatility, these grades resonate with durability and adaptability, thereby fulfilling a diverse array of application requirements.

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Key Features

  • Dynamic Temperature Range: Our TPV Series performs optimally across a wide temperature spectrum, which ensures a product’s longevity and stability.
  • High Elastic Recovery: Mirroring the natural resilience of rubber, this series offers exceptional elastic recovery, i.e., its grades consistently maintain their shape and function after being stretched or compressed.
  • Chemical and UV Resistance: Crafted to resist degradation from a wide variety of chemicals and UV exposure, TPV grades safeguard the material's integrity and color over time.
  • Lightweight and Durable: The symflex® TPV Series combines the advantage of weight savings without compromising on strength or performance.
  • Enhanced Processability: Seamlessly integrates with various manufacturing processes, offering ease and efficiency during molding or extrusion.

Primary Applications

  • Automotive Weather Seals: Acts as a barrier against the elements, ensuring the interior remains insulated from external conditions.
  • Wire and Cable Insulation: Provides robust protection while maintaining flexibility, ideal for dynamic cable applications.
  • Hoses and Tubing: Exhibits resistance to various chemicals and external factors, which makes it perfect for industrial and automotive fluid transfer systems.
  • Window Profiles: Ensures tight seals, helping in thermal and noise insulation.
  • Footwear Components: Offers flexibility, durability and lightweight properties ideal for high-performance shoe soles and insoles.
  • Construction Seals and Gaskets: Delivers reliable performance by ensuring durability and resistance against various environmental factors.
  • Soft Grips for Tools: Enhances the user experience by providing a comfortable, non-slip grip.

Top-tier performance across applications

With the symflex® TPV Series, manufacturers are bestowed with a material that bridges the gap between rubber and plastic. Whether it's the automotive realm or the construction sector, the symflex® TPV Series emerges as a trusted companion, ensuring durability, adaptability and top-tier performance across applications.

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