Symflex Transparent Series

Illuminating the possibilities within the world of thermoplastic elastomers, the symflex® Transparent Series stands as a testament to the marvels of material science. Seamlessly integrating SEBS technology, this series offers grades that transcend traditional expectations, bringing forth unmatched clarity and brilliance.

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Key Features

  • Crystal Clarity: Engineered for applications necessitating the highest levels of transparency, the series offers a near glass-like appearance.
  • SEBS-Based Composition: Harnesses the flexibility and resilience of SEBS, thus ensuring the material remains both malleable and durable.
  • Superior UV Resistance: Prevents yellowing or clouding over time, maintaining its pristine, transparent quality even under prolonged exposure.
  • Excellent Processability: Adapts efficiently to various manufacturing processes, from molding to extrusion, without compromising its clarity.
  • High Elasticity and Strength: Combines the pliability of elastomers with a robust structure, guaranteeing longevity in use.
  • Chemical and Stain Resistance: Remains impervious to a wide range of chemicals and resists staining, thereby guaranteeing a consistently clear appearance.

Primary Applications

  • Medical Devices and Tubing: Ensures clarity for precise operations and patient care, while also offering flexibility and strength.
  • Packaging Solutions: Ideal for products where showcasing the contents in pristine clarity is paramount.
  • Optical Components: Lends itself well to applications requiring distortion-free, clear elements.
  • Consumer Electronics: Suitable for protective covers or components where visual appeal and transparency are essential.
  • Sports and Recreational Equipment: Offers durability combined with the aesthetic appeal of transparency.
  • Cosmetic Containers: Allows consumers to view the contents while ensuring a premium look and feel.
  • Houseware and Kitchen Tools: Provides both utility and a visual appeal, enhancing user experience.

Clarity in Vision and performance

With the symflex® Transparent Series, manufacturers are given a window into the future of TPE solutions. Beyond its captivating aesthetics, it promises reliability and versatility, becoming an indispensable choice for those who seek clarity in both vision and performance. Whether in healthcare, consumer goods, or any domain in between, this series promises to illuminate the path forward with brilliance and clarity.

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