Symflex Interior Series

Delving into the intricate demands of automotive interiors, the symflex® Interior Series brings forth a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Meticulously crafted to enhance the in-car experience, this TPE range promises not just performance, but also a touch of luxury.

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Key Features

  • Soft-Touch Feeling: Offers an unmistakably luxurious tactile experience elevating the perception of interior quality.
  • Low Emission & Odor: Prioritizes passenger health and comfort by minimizing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and unpleasant odors.
  • Superior Fogging Performance: Meets rigorous automotive interior requirements for fogging, thus ensuring a clear and unhindered view at all times.
  • Haptic Abrasion Resistance: Designed to withstand regular touch and interaction, permanently maintains its aesthetic appeal and tactile feel.
  • Compliance with Interior Standards: Tailored to adhere to stringent automotive interior criteria, assuring quality and safety.

Primary Applications

  • Dashboard and Console Skins: Infuses the control center of the car with a rich, soft-touch surface, thereby enhancing the user experience.
  • Door Panels: Ensures a consistent and comfortable feel, from the armrest to the storage compartment
  • Steering Wheel Covers: Offers a superior grip coupled with a soft touch, making driving more enjoyable and fatigue-free.
  • Gear Shift Boots and Knobs: Guarantees a luxurious tactile experience during every gear change.
  • Seat Adjusters and Levers: Prolongs the visual and tactile quality with its high abrasion resistance.
  • Air Vents and Louvres: Achieves a harmonized look and feel, while meeting crucial low emission standards.
  • Armrests and Cup Holders: Combines functionality with comfort, offering a plush feel and durability.

Function and Luxury

By harmoniously marrying function and luxury, the symflex® Interior Series transforms automotive interiors into a realm of comfort and sophistication. With its impeccable features, our Interior Series stands as the epitome of quality, which provides manufacturers with an edge in the competitive automotive market.

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