Symflex Recycled Series

Symplast is proud to introduce the symflex® Recycled Series, a remarkable range of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) and Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPVs) engineered with varying proportions of recycled content. This innovative series, based on SBS and SEBS, underlines our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to offering environmentally responsible material solutions.
The symflex® Recycled Series is our contribution to the global shift towards green manufacturing. Designed to meet the burgeoning demand for sustainable materials, this series offers unmatched versatility and adaptability, making it a prime choice for eco-conscious industries.


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Key Features

  • Shore Hardness Range: The symflex® Recycled Series covers a wide spectrum of hardness requirements, ranging from 40 Shore A for softer applications to 65 Shore D for applications demanding higher rigidity.
  • Service Temperature: Demonstrating impressive thermal stability, this series operates efficiently within a broad temperature range from -50°C to 130°C.
  • Compliance: Our Recycled Series complies with key international environmental and safety standards ensuring reliable, safe and sustainable applications.
  • Special Properties: Apart from incorporating recycled content, these compounds boast excellent mechanical properties, UV and ozone resistance and adaptability across different molding processes.

Primary Applications

  • Eco-friendly Packaging: This series, offering both eco-friendliness and durability, is perfect for sustainable packaging materials.
  • Green Construction: Ideal for the production of construction materials such as pipes, panels and fittings, which require sustainable, yet durable compounds.
  • Sustainable Consumer Goods: Suitable for a range of consumer products, such as eco-friendly housewares, storage containers and toys.
  • Automotive Parts: The symflex® Recycled Series can be used to produce environmentally conscious automotive interior and exterior parts, thus offering a greener solution without compromising on performance.
  • Electronics: Ideal for manufacturing electronic enclosures and components that demand sustainability alongside durability.

Green alternative

With the symflex® Recycled Series, Symplast offers not just a superior performance, but also a greener alternative for your manufacturing processes and product designs. Let's shape a future together that marries material innovation with environmental responsibility.

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