Symflex Exterior Series

The symflex® Exterior Series, which stands at the vanguard of innovation in the TPE sector, is specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of the automotive exterior environment. With its unmatched weather and UV resistance, this series ensures long-lasting performance under varying climatic conditions.

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Key Features

  • Weather and UV Resistance: Engineered to withstand the harsh effects of sun, rain and changing temperatures, thereby ensures the material’s retention of integrity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Adhesion Capabilities: Exhibits unparalleled adhesion to both EPDM and TPV, thus allowing for a cohesive blend and better end-product quality.
  • Multi-Component Injection Molding: Offers versatility through compatibility with a plethora of engineering plastics, including but not limited to PC, ABS/PC, PA, PMMA and POM.
  • Highly Versatile: Specially crafted for diverse automotive exterior applications, therefore offering manufacturers a flexible solution for a variety of design needs.

Primary Applications

  • Automotive Trims and Seals: Ideal for creating robust, UV-resistant exterior trims and seals.
  • Window Gaskets: Delivers a tight, secure seal benefitting from its impeccable adhesion capabilities.
  • Wiper Systems: Tailored for the dynamic demands of wiper systems, ensures a smooth operation and resistance to wear and tear, even under challenging weather conditions.
  • Door Handles: Crafted to maintain integrity and color, despite continuous exposure to the sun.
  • Headlight and Taillight Enclosures: Pairs perfectly with translucent engineering plastics like PMMA, guarantees clarity and durability.

Automotive exterior applications

With the symflex® Exterior Series, automotive manufacturers are empowered with a TPE solution that offers not just durability, but also aesthetic consistency over time. Be it under the scorching sun or in the bitter cold, this series promises unparalleled performance. This makes it the preferred choice for those who prioritize both quality and appearance in automotive exterior applications.

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