Symflex Injection Molding Series

Symplast proudly presents the symflex® Injection Molding Series, a distinct line of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) and Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPVs) purposefully engineered for injection molding applications. This series highlights our commitment to creating material solutions that cater to specific manufacturing methods.

The symflex® Injection Molding Series was created to answer the industry's need for materials designed specifically for injection molding processes. This series offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability, making it a preferred choice across various industries.

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Key Features

  • Shore Hardness Range: The symflex® Injection Molding Series covers a broad hardness spectrum from 05 Shore A for softer applications to 65 Shore D for more rigid requirements.
  • Service Temperature: Showcasing excellent thermal stability, the series operates effectively over a wide temperature range from -50°C to 135°C.
  • Compliance: The symflex® Injection Molding Series complies with crucial international standards ensuring reliable, safe and high-quality applications.
  • Special Properties: Apart from its excellent compatibility with injection molding processes, these compounds exhibit excellent mechanical properties, high UV and ozone resistance and remarkable durability.

Primary Applications

  • Automotive Components: Suitable for manufacturing injection-molded automotive parts such as seals, gaskets, buttons, knobs and interior trims, ensuring durability and high performance.
  • Consumer Electronics: Ideal for the production of injection-molded components such as enclosures, buttons and connector seals in consumer electronics.
  • Medical Devices: The symflex® Injection Molding Series is suitable for manufacturing durable and safe components in medical devices that require injection molding
  • Housewares: Perfect for creating durable and reliable household items like kitchen utensils, containers and furniture components through injection molding.
  • Toys: With safety compliance and suitability for injection molding, these compounds are great for producing safe, durable and attractive children's toys.

Outstanding product quality

With the symflex® Injection Molding Series, Symplast underlines our dedication to providing materials that perform exceptionally in specific manufacturing processes. Our compounds deliver not just superior performance and safety but also open up new possibilities in your manufacturing and product design. Let's collaborate to shape a future that combines innovation with outstanding product quality.

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