When Care and Knowledge meet the Right Technology,
the Result is Clear!
We offer trust, experience, and technology in TPE compounds. Symplast is a TPE compounder utilizing the latest technology in order to achieve its goal to be one of the leading TPE compounders in the world.

Symplast was established in early 2013, situated in Izmir Industrial Region, with the personnel having more than 15 years of experience in production of TPE/TPV. Symplast is concentrating on production of EPDM/PP-based TPVs, SEBS- and SBS-based technical TPE compounds and EPR/PP-based TPO compounds.

Our facility embodies a research and development laboratory with wide range of devices and another lab for quality controlling.

The production area is set up with the latest technology extrusion lines, and the overall production is 30.000 tons annually.
Our Values and What They Mean To Us
Technology is not the only area
in which we are investing.
Symplast is a team with team members
are well aware of their values and the
importance of their responsibilities.
Our philosophy is to invest
in the highest quality machinery
and training on an ongoing basis,
which will allow our company
to grow and excel.
Research and Development
A well-designed
Research and Development Laboratory
supports a good production area,
resulting in high quality products.
We have the flexibility
to tailormade new cost-effective
and functional grades.
Especically for new applications with
short production lead times.
We aim to be a reliable supplier
for our customers; that is why we work with
reliable people who are sensitive to any failure.
Each process is well-structured and
4-eyed principle is set for all our processes.
Fast Delivery
We are ideally located by the
shipping lines for container deliveries.
Through our network of distributors
we offer localised storage warehouses
enabling a prompt global delivery.

Symflex® Family

Our entire product range has been merged under the brand name Symflex®

SEBS based Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S)

EPDM/PP based Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV)

SBS based Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-S)

EPR/PP based Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO)

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