Symflex Impact Modifier Series

Symplast is delighted to unveil the symflex® Impact Modifier Series, an advanced range of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) exclusively based on SBS and SEBS. This series represents a significant leap in material science, as it is specifically designed to enhance the impact resistance of polymers such as PP, PE and PS.
Our symflex® Impact Modifier Series serves as an answer to the industry's need for reliable, high-performance impact modifiers that can improve the toughness and durability of various plastic materials. The series' versatility and adaptability make it an essential choice across a multitude of industries and applications.

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Key Features

  • Shore Hardness Range: The symflex® Impact Modifier Series offers a broad hardness range from 5 Shore A for softer applications to 85 Shore A for more rigid requirements, thereby ensuring we cater to a diverse set of product needs.
  • Service Temperature: This series showcases excellent thermal stability, maintaining peak performance across a wide service temperature span from -40°C to 120°C.
  • Compliance: The symflex® Impact Modifier Series complies with significant international standards, thus ensuring reliable, safe and high-quality applications.
  • Special Properties: Besides its core function as an impact modifier, this series demonstrates exceptional mechanical properties, UV resistance and ozone resistance. Its compounds can be used in diverse molding applications and offer excellent compatibility with PP, PE and PS.

Primary Applications

  • Consumer Goods: Suitable for a variety of consumer products such as storage containers, toys and houseware items that require improved toughness and durability.
  • Construction Materials: The series is perfect for strengthening construction materials such as pipes, fittings and panels, as it offers enhanced impact resistance.
  • Packaging Industry: This series is ideal for improving the impact resistance of packaging materials made of PP, PE and PS, enhancing their durability and lifespan.
  • Automotive Parts: The symflex® Impact Modifier Series can be used to enhance the impact strength of interior and exterior automotive parts made from PP, PE and PS, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Electrical Components: The series is suitable for the production of robust and durable electrical enclosures and components that require high impact resistance.

Superior Material Solutions

With the symflex® Impact Modifier Series, we emphasize our dedication to providing materials that elevate performance and durability. Our compounds are not only efficient and reliable, they also transform your manufacturing processes and product designs. Together, let's redefine the future with superior material solutions.

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