All company employees are obliged to fulfill the following responsibilities:

Working in accordance with the laws and standards

To fulfill its duties in the framework of ethical rules and human values

To be fair, helpful, well-intentioned and understanding manner in all work

Whatsoever for the people and organizations not to gain unfair advantage in any way, not taking bribes and giving,

Not to make any attitude, statement or any correspondence that will leave the company under commitment

Not disrupting the work ethic by harassing and/or harming other employees,

Caring for all material assets of the company, including information and information systems, and protecting them against possible loss, misuse, theft and sabotage,

Protecting the company's reputation and prestige in the public opinion by employees who are going to work outside the company,

Not to allow any kind of discrimination and / or discrimination due to gender, sexual identity, age and disability.


Ensuring timely initiation and completion of transactions in order to guarantee the intellectual property rights of newly developed products, processes and software. Not sharing it with other people previously.

Data Management

Ensuring that all legal records are kept in the ERP system in a healthy way,

Not responding to the confidential information requests of the third parties, for the company without the approval of the senior management,

Maintaining the work required to ensure that the statements and reports submitted by the Company are truthful.


To take necessary measures to protect company employees, information and information systems, factory and administrative facilities against possible terror, natural disaster and malicious initiatives,

To make the necessary crisis planning related to the emergency crisis management to be established against terror and natural disaster etc., in this way to ensure the continuity of the business with minimum loss at the time of the crisis,

Taking all measures to prevent theft or loss of company assets.


To act with the awareness that the financial and trade secrets of the Company are within the framework of, confidentiality ile of the information, personnel rights and information that will weaken the competitiveness of the company, and the agreements with the business partners,

Not to share the information learned and the documents they have acquired for business purposes with the unauthorized persons and authorities inside and outside the company, for whatever purpose, and not to use them directly or indirectly for speculative purposes,

Not using non-public information about the companies they work with and their customers and other persons and companies that they do business with, not sharing with third parties without obtaining necessary permissions.


Conflict of interest; refers to the fact that the employees have all the benefits provided to them, their relatives, friends or the persons or organizations that have an influence on them, or that they have the material or any other personal interest.


Activities that can be perceived as impressive or decisive in decision making, domestic / international trips etc. participation in invitations is subject to management approval, except the general participation of people or institutions with the potential of being in a business relationship or having the opportunity to participate in the conference, training, promotion activities, seminars etc.


Knowing that it is a legal crime to try to obtain any direct or indirect commercial interest by using any confidential information of our company or by giving it to third parties.

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