All company employees are obliged to fulfill the following responsibilities:


1.1 Working in accordance with the laws and standards,

1.2 To fulfill duties within the framework of ethical rules and human values,

1.3 To be fair, benevolent, humanitarian and understanding in all works,

1.4 For whatever purpose, not to gain unfair profit from individuals and organizations, not to take or give bribes,

1.5 Not to act, make a statement or correspondence that would put the company under a commitment,

1.6 Not to disrupt the work harmony by behaving that will disturb and / or harm other employees,

1.7 To take care of all material assets of the company, including information and information systems, to protect them against possible loss, damage, misuse, abuse, theft and sabotage,

1.8 To protect the reputation and dignity of the company in the eyes of the public of the employees going for external assignment

1.9 Not allowing any discrimination and / or any kind of discrimination based on gender, gender identity, age and disability.



2.1         To ensure the timely initiation and completion of legal processes in order to guarantee the intellectual property rights of newly developed products, processes and software. Not sharing this with other people before.

2.2 Data Management

2.2.1 Ensuring that all legal records are kept in the ERP system in a healthy way,

2.2.2 Not responding to information requests from third parties that fall into the confidential category of the company without the approval of senior management,

2.2.3 Carrying out the necessary studies meticulously to ensure that the statements and reports presented by the company are true.



3.1 To take necessary measures to protect company employees, information and information systems, factory and administrative facilities against possible terrorism, natural disasters and malicious attempts,

3.2 Terror, natural disaster, etc. To make the necessary crisis planning regarding the emergency crisis management to be created in case of an emergency, in this way, to ensure the continuity of the business with minimum loss during the crisis,

3.3 To take every precaution to prevent company assets from being stolen or damaged.



4.1 Acting with the awareness that the financial and commercial secrets of the company, information that would weaken competitiveness, personnel rights and information, personal data and agreements with business partners are within the framework of "confidentiality", to ensure their protection and confidentiality,

4.2 Not to share the information learned and the documents they have for any purpose whatsoever with unauthorized persons and authorities inside and outside the company, not to use them directly or indirectly for speculative purposes,

4.3 Not to use non-public information about the companies they work for and their customers and other people and companies with whom they do business, and not to use personal data for any purpose other than foreseen, and not to share them with third parties without obtaining necessary permissions.

4.4 To pay attention to the protection of personal data belonging to our employees and related parties, not to share/store personal data in a way that exceeds the scope required by the job, to protect the security of personal computers.

4.5 Personal data is subject to Law No.6698 and other relevant legislation by our Company employees; Our Company must be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy and other relevant Company policies and procedures.




5.1 Conflict of interest; It refers to all kinds of benefits provided to the employees, their relatives, friends or the persons or organizations with whom they have relations, and the state of having any financial or personal interest in relation to them that affect or may affect the employees' performance of their duties in an impartial manner.



6.1 Open to general participation of persons or institutions with which there is or has the potential to be in a business relationship; conferences, training, promotional activities, seminars and so on. activities outside of the country that are impressive in decision making or that may be perceived as such, domestic/foreign trips, etc. Participation in invitations is subject to management approval.



7.1 Being aware that insider trading is a legal offense and definitely not attempting to gain any direct or indirect commercial advantage (insider trading) using any confidential information belong to our company or giving it to third parties.

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